Dating and Mating Models

Hi Brooke! I’ve been with SCS since January and have blown my own mind repeatedly! Thank you for creating the Model. It is elegant and powerful, like you! It is the perfect set of stepping stones to take me from where I have been to where I want to be.
I was struggling to find a mind-blowing goal and had 2 quick tutor sessions with Suzy (amazing!) but was floundering…..I weigh exactly what I want to weigh and am not insulin resistant. Even my leptin is in balance! I make six figures doing valuable work which I love AND my boss recently offered to double and triple my income over the next 4 years if I commit to stay. I don’t spend time judging people or blaming them for my life. Goodness knows, I’m not perfect and I used the Stop Overdrinking podcasts to dial back my red wine!
The one area of my life I want to be wildly different and mind-blowing is dating and mating. So, I have used The Model to examine many, many unintentional thoughts which have resulted in me staying in relationships with men who are addicts, men who lie, men who are controlling and insecure and jealous. Wow! Talk about stripping away the layers of denial! I did a page of thought downloads on my old thoughts about staying in a relationship. Then used The Model (I always capitalize it) to create new T,F,A and R!
I am doing these before I start to date in order to clean up my thoughts and give myself new thoughts to hold on to when I start to date. I am working with a woman who is a love scientist (her term) to create a wonderful, solid on line profile. My mind-blowing goal was to be in a fabulous relationship by Dec 2017. Then I moved it to August. Then I moved it to May……this May. I’m all in. I’m believing it’s happening and I can relax because it has already occurred. I am simply going to meet myself in my future.
I wanted to share one of The Models I recently did…..

C: In relationship
T: I can’t confront his behavior
F: defeated, victim, martyr
A: stay, resent him, passive aggressive behavior
R: Stay way too long, hiding shameful secrets

C: In Relationship
T: Questioning his behavior is healthy
F: Curious, self care, self love, honest
A: Align myself with my values, leave if his behavior doesn’t line up also
R: Increased intimacy and honesty with him and myself

It’s amazing how many unintentional thought patterns I learned when I was a very little girl.
Thanks for all you do!