Dating Model

I went on a date with someone who has been asking me out for years. There’s always been a spark but the timing was never right.
Fast forward…and the date was amazing and close to perfect.
My date wouldn’t stop saying how great of a time he was having. (Lie? Maybe. “That’s a thought” lol)
I had more drinks than usual and we slept together. No regrets but felt important to note.
It’s been a month since our date and we’ve barely communicated. One call. Two short text convos. Haven’t seen each other since.
My thoughts are all over the place.
So I’d like help with my intentional model so I can move past this. Also, I’d like to have my head straight for when he contacts me again.

C: Guy hasn’t asked me on 2nd date and has made very little contact in one month
F: **Ideal feeling is closure**
R: **Ideal result is I move on and resist his advances in the future**

Struggling with thoughts and actions. My usual action would be to confront him in a humorous way but that’s just my way of buffering uncomfortable conversations.