Daughter (age 27 y/o) has ghosted her Mama.

My daughter got married in August- beautiful downtown Chicago wedding. After the wedding she told me that she is not sure how to continue having me in her life – she loves me but… now she does not answer text messages- phone calls or any outreach on my part. I am devastated. Not sure what to do. I feel victimized and sad. I want to keep my pride intact and swallow all of this to be the best mama I can be for her…but it is starting to affect me. My Metaphor a bull in the ring in Spain walking around while spears and lancets are hanging in my neck and on my thorax. Yet all of this I need to remain strong. I am a physician and have a highly productive and important responsibility – I am staying focused on that. I feel like flying to Dallas and sitting on her doorstep. But that would be pathetic. I am an independent woman- successful and caring for others. This is very atypical of anything that has ever happened in my life. Please help.