Daughter behind again

My daughter has struggled each quarter in college so far, so that’s four. Each quarter she has failed one class, except the last, where she got a D in a class. We pay for her to have an academic coach and she literally has everything at her fingertips that she needs to succeed, at least from the outside. I found out from her academic coach that she is behind again. Same pattern, does great for 4 weeks and then the downward spiral begins. I got so stressed and frustrated. I do not stay in my own model, and try to figure out how to get her to do the work. How can I stop doing this? I wrote out a model, still unsure if I do these correctly, especially A and R.

C – Academic coach says daughter is behind in 3 classes (out of 4)
T – “She’s failing again”
F – Angry
A – Worry incessantly, think about it and not other things in my life, text nag, think I should bring her home, feel like she’ll never make it in life
R – I’m stressed and don’t meet her with love.