Daughter borrows money

My daughter asked me to loan her 200$ until payday. She has been doing that. I do not want to be her bank every pay period. I have thoughts about her spending.

My thoughts are that:

  • She learned it from me
  • She spends more than I would
  • She has the money in another bank but prefers to use me rather than think ahead and consider what her capacity to have money is.

I did not answer the text she sent because I was not going to loan her money. She called me and I told her this is her warning that I am setting a boundary that I will not loan her money. Then I said, “Well if you are stuck, yes I will.” My idea of stuck and her idea are different.

I want to help her if she needs the help that meets my manual. So I am not sure whether I set the boundary and just not ever loan her money. I want my kids to know I want to help them. I am so confused about what to do. I do not feel like right now this is helping her. Thanks.