Daughter buying a house

Hello, I would like some assistance please with helping or advising my daughter. She has approached me for advice. I am not sure if I can, or how I would go about doing a model for this, as its not about me. Brooke has always said, “ask the coaches anything”, so I am hoping someone can assist.

My daughter and her partner have talked about buying a property. She has expressed to me her excitement and joy at this prospect. She has done a lot of research on loans etc and they are getting help forma relative to look for the right property. The challenge she is now facing is her boyfriend, she has told me, is almost crippled by fear that it will fail and they will loose everything. He is doom and gloom. Every time she mentions it, or finds a property in their budget, he starts to fidget and looks at his phone or averts his eyes. And she can see he is worried. She’s not sure how to approach this. She realizes that it has to be a mutual decision. She also realizes that if he isn’t all in, it may cause problems between them. I have asked her about their commitment to each other and she says it is solid.

He has had the past experience of his family loosing the family home whilst his mother was dying. We have talked about he is not his family, etc. And the past doesn’t determine his future. I have talked about how she cant change is mind, he has to come to realize it himself. However any advice that I can pass on or put into a model would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you