Daughter Eating Habits

C – My teenaged daughter eating habits and her food allergies. She is not following her prescribed diet and her symptoms are getting worse.
T – I should be doing more to ensure that she is following her prescribed diet.
F – Guilt.
A – Avoid and rationalize. Then try to convince her to follow the diet. Then give up. Tell myself there’s nothing that I can do, she’s got to make these decisions on her own. Make my own meals and try to model the prescribed diet, try to get her to eat them too. Tell myself that I can’t control her eating. Tell myself that she’ll eventually figure it out. Get frustrated when she doesn’t link the consequences of her eating back to her eating habits. Tell myself that’s what all teenagers do.
R – Feel powerless to help her. Resent her, and myself, for her not following the diet, particularly when I am buying medications for the symptoms of her poor eating habits.

I recognize that all of these actions are coming from guilt and frustration. It feels like I am caught in this cycle of guilt, frustration, and resentment, and it is blocking my ability to connect with my daughter. I would love a thought around her eating that allows me to connect with her rather than push her away.
Thank you!