Daughter Ghosted

My daughter came home last week for spring break. She was looking forward to spending some time with her two roommates, one of whom lives within a few miles from our house, and the other roommate who lives in another state. They were not friends before this school year, but seem to get along OK. Daughter didn’t expect to do everything with them, but connect a few times. They ghosted her! Not one time during break did they respond with a yes to an invitation from her or to extend one of their own.

She was quite sad about it. She would see them post things on social media like “we’re at XXX beach,” which is so close to us and easy for her to join. They’d talked about getting together before break started.

I don’t understand how they can be so mean! It makes me think they are awful people! It makes me think my daughter isn’t liked by her peers. And that’s what she says she feels, that she has a hard time getting to know people. I just don’t know how to sort this out. I lost nights of sleep feeling badly for her. I don’t really know how to do a model for it.