Daughter mental health issues

Hi Brooke,

My 19 year old daughter reported a deepening of her depression and anxiety during her 2nd year at university (after experiencing similar issues in 1st year that caused her to miss school and fail a couple of subjects and become suicidal at one point). She reports extreme insomnia – 10 hours of sleep a week. This has started to create physical issues. She reports that she has not experienced relief from any medications. She also has ADHD and her ADHD meds stopped working 2 years ago. She has consistently reported that therapy is a negative experience for her. We have tried various psychologists and psychiatrists and ADHD coaches. She called me up 2 weeks ago because she felt she couldn’t cope any longer and wanted to take medical leave from university. I drove her home (in another city) and she indicated that she was ready to try therapy or other treatments again. She won’t be allowed back in university unless she can show them she has solved her medical issues. Since home, however, she has been refusing to go see any medical professionals, sleep clinics or alternative healers. She says that all these people are useless and she has “tried everything” and there is “no point” ; that nothing will work. She keeps asking for help but rejecting everything. I don’t really know what to do anymore. I tried modelling my thoughts because this process is always so helpful to me. But not this time. Here’s what I get:

C. Daughter has mental health issues and insomia and is refusing treatment. Keeps asking for help and says she is desperate.
T. I’m out of ideas. I don’t know how to help if she won’t take action.
F. Panicked.
A. No action
R. No improvement

I’m trying to come up with a laddering thought, but am stuck. Any thoughts?

Thanks much.