Hello. I have an 8 year old/3rd grader. She has dyslexia, adhd, sensory processing disorder, anxiety and selective mutism. In January 2021, we moved her from virtual learning to in person learning at a private school. Our daughter is having challenges with social relations – making friends/ communicating w/ her classmates. I recently had a conversation w/ her teacher and he said another little girl told my daughter to stop following her and the other girl sat down and turned her back to my child. My daughter was in tears the rest of that week and was refusing to go back to the school. I don’t know how to help her with social relationships when I’m not there to see what is happening. She is lacking the social maturity that is expected at her current age due to her learning disabilities/selective mutism/anxiety. I find myself feeling sad b/c she has not yet developed these skills and I worry a lot about her and how she is doing at school academically and socially.