Daughters boyfriend challenges

Hello and assistance please.
My daughter is having challenges with her thoughts/feelings/actions around a boy/actually man. She is asking me what she should do. BSCS (my acronym for before self coaching scholars) I would have been saying all the usual supportive statements, e,g it will be okay, you deserve better, we love you …….. However now that we have “The Model” I am wanting to offer her more than just platitudes. And she will willing. I do know that she is upset (crying all the time), doesn’t feel worthy, feels like she has made a mistake, she is constantly beating herself up, says to herself why does this happen to me. She says she has never felt this way about anyone before…… He is 12 years her senior. He lives in a different country now due to CV. He is clearly not ready to commit after having just come out of a very long term relationship. I do think he cares for her, so does she however…….
As younger people do these days, they seem to communicate via text messaging. Not ideal as messages get misconstrued. Can you please help with some ideas around putting all of this into the Model. I am relatively new at this and need guidance. Whilst I understand, I can tell her what to do or feel, I can offer alternative models.
Thank you.