Daughter’s Divorce/2

Hi Brooke,

Here are the models you asked me to make:

C: My husband left me 25 years ago

T: 1. Wish he didn’t
2. Its been very hard to go on
3. Still affected by this
4. I need to let it go and move on

F: 1. Regret
2. Self pity
3. Victim
4. Empowered

A: 1-3. Stuck in circumstance
4. Stop thinking about it – start to LIVE

R: 1-3. No changes in or with me – he’s still gone.
4. I can start over and enjoy the rest of my life!

C: Daughter Getting a Divorce

T: 1. Not happy with her decision
2. Don’t want her to break up her family
3. Don’t want her to suffer as I have

F: Sadness/helplessness

A: Inaction – wanting her to change her mind is accomplishing nothing other than making myself sick and upset

R: Daughter getting a divorce

Thank you again!