Daughter’s Saturday Morning Gymnastic Training

My 9-year old has gymnastic training a couple of days a week. One of the regular sessions starts at 8:00 am on Saturdays.

We’ve missed it a couple of times so I’ve arranged for us to do makeup classes on Friday afternoon after school.
I’m thinking about changing our Saturday morning session to the Friday afternoon session permanently.

The Friday afternoon session is not their squad’s regular time but I want to get some clarity on my models for this and I’d appreciate your help.

C: We missed yesterday mornings training because we both slept in
T: It’s my fault. I’m sabotaging my daughter. I’m not responsible and disciplined enough. (A few thoughts here and they all create the same feeling of…)
F: Guilt
A: I ruminate on how irresponsible and undisciplined I am. I get irritated and short and snappy when she asks me for things.
R: I’m creating evidence that I’m a bad mother

? Is my unintentional model correct?

The result I want is to change our Saturday morning session to Friday afternoon permanently.

C: Saturday 8:00 am training
A: I call the gym and ask to change the training time
R: I change our Saturday am session to Friday pm session

Please help with what feeling and thought would best help produce the R. Thank you!