Day 1 and I already need help LOL

Working on my Day 1 assignment, this is the UM and IM I came up with:

C: Meditating
T: I’m not as self-loving/accepting as I thought I was
F: disappointed, surprised
A: berate myself for not being better
R: Not self-loving

C: Meditating
T: I’m learning that I’m not as self-loving/accepting as I thought
F: interested, curious
A: explore the idea without judgement
R: learn more about myself

The IM feels like I’ve become a little more self-accepting, since leaping directly to “I love and accept myself completely” isn’t believable right now. It’s like I have an abstract concept of totally accepting myself, and can speak to it, but it isn’t actually a concept I believe fully or practice. I do believe that I can work towards that concept and practice, though.

Is this what is meant by ladder or bridge thoughts? Am I on the right track? I definitely realized I’d like to include some “you are enough” affirmations into my daily meditation! Obviously I could use it.