Day 1 – August – Is my purpose statement too wordy? Thx, Ginny & UTM & ITM

Day 1
1. Do a brief download on your purpose and the thoughts you are having today. Are you living in alignment with how you want to purposefully spend your time?
What is my purpose? My purpose is to make a heartfelt, meaningful contribution to the World in the spirit or consciousness of Co-Creation, Love, Vibrancy, Abundance, Gratitude and Laughter.
I am living in alignment with this purpose.
2. Brainstorm ideas, possibilities, dreams, and desires related to your purpose. Be creative. Work here. Do not go unconscious. You will be amazed at how many ideas you can generate over a month.
Self-Sustainable – more passive income – t-shirts, yoga DVDs from all the instructors for inmates to buy when they are released. Sell manual for jail yoga classes w/ theme, quotes, trauma-sensitive languaging & sequencing. Market Cell Yoga – handouts geared for inmates to do on beds. Have a team experience w/ instructors & Board. Have an assistant or better yet a partner. Make $ by coaching other outfits how to be their own non-profits or set up their business. Just make more $. How do I get from $2K/month to $100K/year or do I accept that PYSB is a labor of Love & focus on coaching business for income?
Make a list of everything you will do (or have done) today that relates to your purpose. Record any thoughts on this list. 
(/ indicates done) Find a facilitator to facilitate Board Meeting. / Schedule a date. / Find a venue./ Meet with Ken Saxon. / Apply for Leadership workshop & financial aid. Create Agenda. Prepare budget to share with board. Determine where I need help w/ non-profit – assistant, fundraising, community outreach. Find Board Members to be Pres., Sec. & Treasurer. Prepare for L.A. & 805 interviews. Come up w/ fall class schedule at Santa Barbara County Jail. Email in Doodle format possible dates for instructors meeting. Ask SBCJ for funding.
Is all this work worth it? Am I/ are we really making a difference? How can we be self-sustainable? How can I keep balance with work & social life? Can I still have a successful coaching practice & be CEO of PYSB. There are so many aspects of creating PYSB that I love. I am scared to teach in public. Isn’t that crazy? I feel safe teaching in the jail. I am so excited to have so many new yoga teachers join PYSB. Ken suggested that it might be more advantageous to find another fiscal sponsor than have a board. It might, but now that I have the 501c3 status, I am going to go for it.
4. UTM
C: Fundraise for PYSB by teaching a yoga class by donation
T: I am scared to put myself out there and invite people to come to the donation class.
F: terrified
A: inaction
R: don’t teach in public
How do you want to feel? Confident, passionate, excited
C: Fundraise for PYSB by teaching a yoga class by donation
T: I am just having a thought that I am scared to put myself out there.
F: better
A: start with just inviting a few people to come, find a venue, send out an email, look for existing groups & offer a class there
R: Teach a yoga class outside the jail

C: Fundraise for PYSB by teaching a yoga class by donation
T: I can do this!
F: excited
A: set a date, find a venue, invite, show up & make heartfelt meaningful contribution