Day 1: Dare & Models

A little context: I’m a recent transplant to GA from NYC who has a lifetime total of about 5 driving miles under my belt despite having a license for almost two decades. So my dare today was to drive to the store – something I haven’t been able to bring myself to do in the 6 months I’ve been here! Would love any feedback on my models.

Fear model

C: driving to the store

T: I’m a terrible driver

F: scared

A: I am tense and cannot control the car well

R: validate that I am not a good driver and continue to shy away from driving

Confident model

C: driving to the store

T: short trips are good practice and will make me a better driver

F: confident — I can do this!!

A: I’m relaxed, in control, and the drive is smooth

R: seek out more opportunity to practice driving