Day 1 of eating protocol was PERFECT! (I choose not to eat M&Ms!)

I decided to make my 1 focus this month losing weight. A contractor that works for me saw me for the first time in a year and his first words were, “I see you’re still holding on to that baby weight!”

i wasn’t offended, but rather motivated because he’s right.

I’d watched the stop overeating workshop 2 months ago but hadn’t created a protocol or looked at the download.

Yesterday, I decided it was time! I ate 2 measured and documented meals and even resisted m&ms in the evening when my husband had some!

Here is a model I’m working on:

T: I’ve been successful for a day before, it never sticks, don’t get your hopes up
F: discouraged
A: eat junk when it’s convenient
R: create a cycle of junk eating and maintain or gain weight.

T: every moment is a new chance to decide and shape my body
F: hopeful and in control
A: stay conscious & choose foods based on my goal
R: 112lbs melts off of me and I am a visual example of what’s possible to my family, my daughters and my business audience