Day 1/Till I believe I am worthy of being healed

I was diagnosed with anemia in December. My mind made it into a big problem. I told myself I am losing blood somewhere. It can be sign of cancer. It just happened I got rectal bleeding at the same time. Which the doctor did do an exam and said I had hemorrhoids and the medication given stopped the bleeding. But now my mind is stuck. I keep looking at my stools and questioning What if I have cancer? Which I know is me looking for evidence for my belief I have cancer.

I’m getting checked out by the doctor and so far everything is good. I have more tests. But in the meantime I see that this isn’t just about me getting cancer. I have rooted beliefs that say if you have done wrong you will pay. I have been obese most my life and didn’t take care of my body. I have lost the weight but somewhere I believe I still have to pay for what I did wrong. Karma always catches up with you. Another thought I’m having is I can’t get what I want in my life. My business is starting to take off, my relationships are doing well and I’m getting scared. Something is wrong. I can’t have it all. Watch something will go wrong. I will die.

Doing this work I also know I can create the result I want in my life. I see myself as someone who has healed and is helping others heal. I’m living a healthy, successful abundant life. But thoughts like you don’t deserve that come up. I want to allow the fears and become really clear on the beliefs that are causing me to wake up panicking that I am dying of cancer when there is no such reality in my world right now.

Can you help me uncover them. Thanks