Day 1 – What wasn’t great about yesterday

Doing the homework on changing your past. Yesterday we crossed the Moloka’i Channel overnight, so in the dark and with pretty big flowing seas. My husband got tired and asked me to take watch, which made me nervous! But also made me do an intentional model on the fly. Or sail, as it were.

Unintentional Thought Pattern
C- crossed Moloka’i Channel in the dark with rough seas
T – This is too scary in the dark
F – unnerved
A – kept looking around even though I couldn’t see the waves, kept “seeing” lights from other boats even though there weren’t any, held my breath, tightened up jaw muscles, worried
R – didn’t feel good about the crossing

Intentional Thought Pattern
C – crossed Moloka’i Channel in the dark with rough seas
T – I’m going to pick this as my “do one brave thing a day” homework
F – Nervous
A – stopped looking around at the waves and let my body feel how they moved the boat, blew out a breath when I could feel myself holding it, said “I know I can, I know I can.” Reminded myself that I was scared but that I could take it. Said to myself it’s OK to be scared and nervous and worried but you can do it.
R – Felt proud to handle the challenge.

Not sure about the intentional model…. Thoughts?