Day 19

I truly believe that the universe puts before us exactly what we need to learn. This month’s schedule is on weight loss goal of losing 4-7 pounds. I had a vacation, a buffet. Now a party and next week another party. In the past these have all been exciting for me as I looked to them as a chance to eat and eat.

Now I look at them with nervousness and a bit of anxiety but also as learning experiences to practice allowing urges.
I almost don’t want to do the unintentional model because my thought is that it allows me to be negative about my desired plan..

C. Party
T. I’ll disconnect from my goal and overeat
F. Nervous
A. Eat off protocol
R. Overeat and gain weight

C. Party
T. I want to not overeat
F. Committed
A. Follow my exception plan no matter what
R. I eat to +4 and no more