Day 2 Dare Complete!

I went to get my nails did today and there was a gal also getting her nails done that was having a full-blown conversation with someone with her speaker on and volume on high. Everyone else in the salon was silent and but kept making eye contact with one another. It was like we are all saying WTF to ourselves. As I was sitting there I thought to myself, don’t get angry, enjoy and try to relax. I also thought it would be a great day to dare myself and say something to her if she was still there when I was leaving. She was still there after I paid so I went up to her and very politely said I mean no respect and I’m not trying to be bitchy but I want you to know how distracting it was for me to have to listen to your phone conversation. I told her I come here to relax and unwind and it was difficult to do so. I also told her it could be a generational thing (she’s millennial, I’m a baby boomer) but never the less I wanted to express my feelings to her. She looked at me with a blank stare on her face (priceless) and finally said ok. I thanked her for taking the time to listen to me and to have a great day. I’m having a blast with these dares! So much fun!