Day 24 and Money

So I decided to focus on money for week 4 and I really gained some clarity today. I wrote that money comes but doesn’t know how to stay. It is afraid to stay and be who it really is which is abundant and an amazing source in my life. It’s always afraid that it’s never enough so it doesn’t show up for me. I turned all of this around as Byron Katie teaches and realized that I don’t show up for myself and when I do, my brain freaks out because I’m not used to doing that and then I leave myself again just like money does. So no freaking wonder it won’t stay. When I am doing well at work and I’m on a little bit of a roll, I inevitably mess things up because I don’t think I deserve good things. This is when I go back to what I’m used to doing which is complaining and being comfy in the cave. This is a major block in my life and definitely an ingrained neural pathway I’ve created. Can you please offer some ways to stay out of the cave and to not doubt myself when I’m on a so called roll in my career???
Thanks so much coaches and I’m super grateful to be a part of something so much greater than us humans.💖