Day 3

My success depends on other people. Proof: the teacher gave me a good grade. The instructor gave me a good grade.

I can so see this translating into coaching business. My success depends on whether the clients think I am a good enough coach to pay me money.

Going back to the past – I did a postgrad paper in 2018? Got an A, just 1 point short of A+. Funny how the brain goes to – “see you are one point short of A+” – and I got the A because the course convener gave me the grade rather than I worked damned hard to get that result. (We’ll tackle the work hard belief later.)

C got an A for my postgrad paper
T the course convener gave me a good grade
F powerless
A I don’t value my own ability, I am not proud of my achievement. I hide my qualifications. I don’t talk about my achievements to my family.
R I don’t believe I am creating my result. I am giving the power away to some other people/authority.

This could easily translate to
C life coaching business
T My success depends on whether clients sign me
F powerless
A don’t talk that I am a life coach. Don’t take steps to give people a chance to sign me up.
R I am not creating the life that I want.