Day 3 Dare Complete

I went to the beach today and wore a tankini. I usually wear the boy short style bottoms to cover up my thighs but today I wore the bikini bottoms (which I’ve been saving to wear for about years!) and owned it! I Didn’t ask my partner if I looked ok in it. I Didn’t put my cover up on when I walked on the beach.
My heart was racing and I almost didn’t take my cover up off but I did and it felt great.
I’ve always had a body image “thing” though I’m not very overweight ( have about 10 lbs I should probably let go of!). Even when I was a teenager and in college, I weighed about 110 lbs but still felt fat.
Since I ‘ve been listening to your podcasts, webinars, etc I’ve started thinking differently about my body. I am learning to honor it instead of hating it.
I’ve always loved the month of June because it’s my birthday month, but now I’m loving it even more! 🙂