Day 3, How To Categorize Fear As 1,2 Or 3

Unintentional model:

C: Parenting.

T: I’m a bad mom because my daughter can’t do x.

F: fear (deep, gut-wrenching fear)

A: withdraw, not parent.

R: I show up as a bad mom.


New intentional model.

C: Parenting,

T: “I’m a bad mom” is just a thought.

F: neutral (or possibly acceptance)

A: not judge myself. Reengage with parenting.

R: I acknowledge that it’s just a thought.

How do I categorize fear as 1, 2 or 3? I feel that experiencing the fear of being a bad mom is probably a normal part of being on the journey to a good mom, so perhaps it’s “Unwanted but need to allow”. But also it’s “Indulgent” if I’m not showing up for my daughter. She’s 4.

Neutral I’m categorizing as 1. “Want to feel”.