Day 3 of May Homework

Hi coaches… On day 3 of the May homework it is to allow them to be who are meant to be. The person I choose for this week is a subordinate of mine. What I noticed is that I wrote negative things about her related to work while I tried to write positive things about her outside of work. My mind is having challenges generating positive thoughts about her relater to work as I might have conditioned my mind to thinking negatively about her. And this is were I want to work most, my thoughts on her about work.

My questions are:
1. Is the day 3 supposed to be just positives? Or can be a combination? While listening to the study hall Q&A, I think all the examples were positives. So I was wondering if I should be squeezing my mind to find the positives about her related to work? (Although currently I’m really having challenges with it. I know I’ll arrive there eventually but not there yet.)

2. Can you provide me with some questions to myself so I can generate positive thoughts about her?

3. There is also a follow up question on Day 3 that asked “Why do we imagine they do these things and are this way, etc.” When I was answering this part, I felt like I was just making excuses for them in my mind. And I felt very resentful of it. And I think it affected how I did the following days where I just write a single liners and that I was choosing not to go through the rest of the questions because I was thinking that my one liner answer is enough for then all. I can’t think of several ways to view things while in the back of my mind I know there’s more to it. It feels like I’ve blocked my mind of the wisdom it can generate for me. Can you please help me see through how my mind works here and help me get out of this hole I dug for myself?

Thanks coaches!