Day 3 Ramblings about my UM and a thought I think makes me feel scared.

I hear Brooke in my head saying that we so often want to get away from the UM or the “negative thought” and quickly get into the IM or the “positive thought”. So I have been working on that the past year. But the UM that came out of today’s TDL is one that I don’t want to spend any time in. UGH

I went to an IM that I would like to spend my time practicing. It’s a thought I actually do believe but am not currently practicing hard. It’s more a thought I intellectually believe but don’t believe to the core.

I guess all of that rambling is really about asking, are there times when we can just dump an UM and go straight to the IM?

C: write and publish articles, short stories, and novels
T: Maybe I don’t really want to be a writer.
F. nauseous
A: I talk negatively to myself about my writing ability. I stay stuck daydreaming about being a writer. I don’t do any writing. I buffer with food, TV, reading, work.
R: I don’t write or publish anything.

C: write and publish articles, short stories, and novels
T: I have something to say!
F: determined
A: I go back to the drawing board and create another writing plan and editorial calendar. I actually follow through on each step of the plan.
R: I write and publish what’s on my plan.

Now actually typing up my UM, I wonder if the thought that maybe I don’t really want to be a writer could also be causing fear. Because if that thought was true, what would I do. Maybe I need to do a model with that feeling. Or maybe I need to spend some time in a TDL answering that question. Or both LOL

So I am going to spend some time answering that question for myself but in the meantime, what additional feedback might you have?