Day 4 Dare/Challenge

I’m not one for dares but through SCS I’m learning to be up to more challenges. Tuesday tends to be the most stressful day of my work week, or so my brain has told me for years. I tend to be cranky and stressed and generally wish the day away then worry that I didn’t provide my co-workers or our clients with the best of me. So, my dare of the day for this particular Tuesday is to manage my stubborn mind and create for myself a great workday experience, one in which I show up and give 110% no matter what the circumstance (and some of them are real doozies. I know, they’re thoughts, but my thoughts are pretty sure my work environment (and boss) are chaotic and crazy). My thought about doing this, unfortunately, is skepticism. I’ve tried before and made it until about 10 o’clock in the morning before I gave into the ever-present gossip and negativity. Finding calmness among the chaos seems more like an impossible goal than a dare, but if I keep daring myself to learn to manage my mind, I know I’m bound to think/feel better and from there make positive life changes.
C: dare of the day: Create a positive work experience
T: I hate Tuesdays!
F: stressed
A: indulge in negativity, stress, general bad attitude and gossip, all preventing me from working to my utmost while enjoying my day
R: I continue to hate Tuesdays at work

C: dare of the day: Create a positive work experience
T: I am up to any challenge this day presents
F: self-confident
A: roll with the ups and downs of my day with a positive (non-gossipy) attitude, show up as my hardworking self, overdeliver in value, enjoy my day
R: I happily meet each challenge (???)
So, there were hits and misses today, but overall I handled it pretty well. Daring myself to accept any challenge that came my way inevitably produced even more challenges (why is that?) but I was conscious of my commitment and pretty much stayed on track. I found humor in the gossip without being rude to the gossipers and acceptance in the negative. Negative thoughts/feelings presented themselves throughout the day and I for sure felt them, but didn’t stay there, at least not for too long, so all in all, I am labeling today’s challenge a success. Do my models look okay? Do you think my Results could be better defined?
Thanks, Coaches:)