Day 4 Homework – What do I think about myself compared to others?

Hello, When I compare myself to others, it never feels positive in the end.

A comparison can make me think “I am better”, and then I have to keep doing comparisons to make sure “I still am better”. A comparison can also show me “I am not better” (Ouch!), and then I think all sorts of bad things about myself.

I believe I’ve heard Brooke teach that comparisons aren’t useful. I sure can make myself feel poorly, or pompous with them, and comparing/judging others becomes a bar for me drop all of the manuals, and to accept and enjoy others for who they are.

Now, I’m working to change, and when my brain starts to make a comparison, I stop it. When I read the question “What do I think about myself compared to others?”, my answer is “Comparing is not helpful to me. There is enough for everyone.” I also am practicing “They are living their life perfectly. I am living my life perfectly.” I don’t want to go back to the old me and make other comparisons.

Is there a different approach to answering this question that you might suggest?