Day 4 Model on Rejection.

OK, I think I’m understanding how to identify an indulgent emotion. Score! I would love, though, some feedback on my model this morning. It’s a model on rejection and while I intellectually understand how to process rejection, as a human, I just don’t like it. LOL

C: article didn’t get curated
T: They don’t know good writing.
F: pissed off
A: rant for hours, don’t write, complain, buffer with TV or food
R: I don’t submit any new articles.

C: article not curated
T: This is a chance to improve my article writing.
F: curious
A: study the curation guidelines, keep writing and publishing new articles, stop telling myself that they don’t know good writing, workshop more articles, pitch articles to different publications
R: My article writing does get better.

Pissed off in this situation is definitely indulgent because it stops me from taking action toward the result I actually want. Now curious, that is an emotion I want to feel on a regular basis. It definitely moves me to action. It gets me to ask questions and then motivates me to take the actions to get the answers.

Any other observations or feedback on my model? Thanks!