Day 4 – struggling with how I create some circumstances in my life

I am doing the homework this month and came across a hurdle I couldn’t get over. On day 3 I listed all the circumstances and people in my life and on day 4 I had to write down the idea that got me that. I was struggling with some people in there – my in-laws, for example. Would they have come about because of the idea to marry my husband? And they continue to be in my life because I think it’s important to stay in touch?

The last thing I was struggling with was the circumstance of being a widow – How did I create that situation? Did that come from my idea to marry him in the first place? Or from my decision to encourage him to have his varicose veins operated on, that ultimately led to his death? I guess I am struggling with the idea that we create EVERYTHING in our lives, that some things just happen to us – not a choice we made, just part of life’s 50/50.