Day 5

Will coaching work for other people? I haven’t seen transformational changes in people I have offered coaching to. So their result is because of me?

C no one said to me “your coaching changed my life”
T I am not a very good coach
F doubt
A not promoting my business, not promoting coaching, not believing coaching
R I am not even coaching.

I think the C is even questionable. How do I know? Well, I don’t really. I don’t even go to my doctor or to my coach and told them “you changed my life”. I know coaching has changed me, but I don’t actually specifically said to my coach “you change my life” and yet I’m expecting my clients to tell me that?

And so even if no one is telling me that, what do I want to believe about coaching? I want to believe that coaching works. And my coaching? I want to believe that I know how to coach. I am a coach.

Or even if someone actually tells me “your coaching sucks” – play with hypothetical situation:
C “your coaching sucks”
T I am a terrible coach
F shame
A hide
R I don’t coach

Or what do I want to practice believing if that C comes up? Feeling defensive won’t work either. I think fascination.
C “your coaching sucks”
T That is fascinating
F open
A compassionately be curious about their model but staying clean in my model that I get to think what I want about my coaching
R I keep self coaching. I keep offering coaching to others.