Day 5 dare and models

I did a thought download of what scares me. Based on that list. I dared myself today to do something that I was supposed to do a few months ago and chickened out. That was making a decal to go on my car to promote my business. I actually ordered one months ago but it arrived backwards. oops and I chickened out and didn’t fix it and put it on my car.The bigger dare is to actually put it on my car that will have to wait until it arrives.

Let me know if I’m doing these models correctly.

Unintentional Model
C – order a decal for my car promoting my business
T- I’m afraid people will judge me and not like it
F – fear
A – I hide and avoid the fear by just not promoting the business.
R- I get the result that my business doesn’t grow because I’m not promoting it.

Intentional Model
C – Order a decal for my car to promote the business
T – I’m proud of what I create and if others don’t like it that’s okay
F – Self – Confidence
A – I take actions to promote my business because I want it to grow. I might feel fear that others won’t like it but I move forward anyway.
R – I proudly promote what I create and attract others who like it too.