Day 5 of Fat Adaptation

Just began eating with no sugar or flour – I’m on day 5. Yesterday I felt nauseous in the morning before breakfast, and again in the evening a couple hours after dinner. . . I know the Keto diet is similar to this phase of fat adaptation, and people talk about feeling the Keto flu, so I’m guessing it’s normal… But I just didn’t expect this to be so sick-feeling. I almost feel like I’m pregnant (lol, getting a pregnancy test today when I go to the store. No joke). I’ll let you know if that’s the case, but — is this normal? This morning (day 5) I’m also feeling light headed and a little dizzy. Just a little. Not too bad. But made me want to lay down and I don’t feel up to running the errand I had planned this AM.

No I have not been working out while doing the fat adaptation, but I do have 3 children ages 3 and under. That keeps me busy busy and physically on the go.

IF this is normal, yay! What else can I expect to feel? Any site or resources you may recommend?

And would electrolyte solution help me? Coconut water? I researched it a bit and read that. . .

I know you said we would feel like ass…. well yes, quite accurate there friend.

Thanks Brooke!! I am so happy here in SCS! pleased with the service and how taken care of I feel. Not just saying that.