Day 6 Model on Money

I’m sensing I need to focus more I paying attention to feeling my feelings. Meaning sometimes I jump to the feeling word instead of slowing down for a minute or two to identify if that’s what I am actually feeling in my body. I’m glad it’s November and we’re focusing on feelings LOL

Today’s TDL was back to money. And it brought up an interesting question for myself to answer. My higher self understands that I can choose any thought I want even though my human self stays stuck in those “negative” thoughts and beliefs. Is that the river of misery? My immediate answer is yes, so I’m excited to spend some time journaling that one 🙂

C: money
T: I will never get more.
F: scared
A: spend money unconsciously, default on loans, ignore bills, don’t save money, don’t try to create any value, don’t learn more about money management, buffer with anything
R: I never get more money by any means.

C: money
T: I am actually learning how to better manage my money.
F: adequate
A: stop beating myself up, be more patient with my money goals and actions, continue working and tweaking my budgets and money habits, keep learning about money management
R: I keep learning more ways to manage my money that suit me.

OK so on feeling scared. That’s definitely indulgent but to me it’s very plain and not very descriptive. I need to dig a little more on that one. Maybe even give myself a few minutes to better feel the feeling so I have a better word for it.

Adequate in this case is something I want to feel because it gets me to chill out and keep doing what I’m doing which is producing the results I want. It’s not creating a 10-figure salary LOL but it’s moving me forward.

Anything else you observe? And thank you 🙂