Day 7 – Creating my Dream

C Waking up at 4am
T Creating my dream while still working is tiring.

Interesting. Even doing that, it’s already obvious which one is a C and what is my optional perception of it. Anyway, will finish the model.

F Unmotivated
A Grudgingly working on the business, wishing I could go back to sleep
R Not moving forward in creating my dream

Here’s what I’m noticing if I recap the previous days:

“I need permission to create my dream” and changing it to “no permission from anyone is necessary to create my dream”.

“I need to make my mum proud so she would love me.” This is so convoluted… I just have to believe that she loves me anyway. Believing she doesn’t love me just harms me. I just have to believe I am lovable anyway. The land of powerlessness has absolutely no benefit. I am looking for outside proof, outside power to define me.

How else might you define that coaching “works” that doesn’t depend on others?How else might you think about your coaching that helps you show up as the coach you want to show up as? I am whole as I am. My job is to only show the client their mind. What they do with it is all their power and choice