Day 7 Dare Complete

I am seriously considering becoming a life coach and have been watching your podcasts about how to run my own business. The thought of failing in order to be successful is a bit terrifying to me. I have always thought that failure is a negative thing and something to be ashamed of so I’m shifting my thought process to failing is necessary in order to succeed.

Today I called a dear friend of mine who’s going through a tough time and told her I’m considering on being a life coach and asked her if she’d be open to me sharing with her what I’ve learned so far (the model). She was thrilled and said she would love for me to coach her and we have a call scheduled next Monday evening.

I’m anticipating failing at this since it’s my 1st shot of sharing the model with anyone but I’m ok with it as I know have to stumble a bit before it becomes natural.

Any thoughts on how I should start my conversation with her?