Day 7 part 2 – Working on Business

It will be better once I have the business set up and I take holidays during school holidays. When I am working very hard to make this happen everyone should give me space and time.

C Working on business
T Everyone has to give me space and time to create my business
F Arrogant
A Snappy with my kids, snappy with my parents, snappy with my husband, snappy with my patients, putting unnecessary pressure on myself to finish and get there very soon, I am not enjoying the now, not enjoying the process, reasoning that the “there” is going to be better than “here”.
R I am not creating my business from an expansive abundant open place.

I’ve done that multiple times – life will be better when I finish high school. Life will be better when I have finished my degree. Life will be better after I get married, pay off the house and finish having kids. And I have achieved all those a few years back and last year I was actually depressed. Oh my goodness. The trap of there is better than here.

Now is perfect.