Day 8 Dare Complete

My friend recently got her eyebrows tattooed and got false eyelashes put on and she looks so great! I thought she was beautiful w/out them but she’s so happy with how she looks that I thought well maybe I should try that too. Maybe I’ll feel prettier too!

So I dared myself yesterday to go and get me some false eyelashes put on. I felt silly and vain when making the appointment and even sillier when I walked in the salon door. I didn’t tell my partner I was doing this. She tells me how beautiful I am about 10 times a day (I’m a lucky lady!).

The process wasn’t that bad and I’ve 24 hours to settle in with them and I’ve discovered they are not for me. I don’t feel any prettier. In fact they don’t look natural on me like they do on my friend.

So I dared to try something out of my comfort zone and am perfectly ok with the outcome!

BTW-the pedicure I also got yesterday looks beautiful! 🙂