Day Six Questions

I worked on my relationship with my daughter in law. We are pretty good friends but I sometimes struggle with my thoughts of her selfish ways, being self-centered and making everything a crisis. The end of December there was a fight with her 18 y/o daughter which ended up with her moving out and they have not spoken since. We had been suspecting that there were some mental issues with the daughter based on her behavior. Recently she was diagnosed as bi-polar and when we talked about my daughter in law not going to see the daughter, her response was “everyone is being so supportive in regards to the daughter, great for her”. She was complaining that no one was concerned for her feelings.

I want to know if I’m on the right track with the questions:

1. I want to think of myself as loving, accepting and tolerant. I want to be patient and kind.
2. I want to think of her as she is doing the best she can at that time. I want to think and know that she gets to be whomever and do whatever and that’s ok.
3. I want to define our relationship as good friends in an open loving space. One without control or criticism