Days Are Wasting Away

Hello! I don’t know where this may lead but I know I’m in a funk. I feel like a hamster on a wheel, doing a lot and going nowhere. I’m exhausted at the end of the day with not much to show for it. That is not entirely true, though, because I’m tired after an 8-hour workday plus coaching for an hour each day.

I guess I don’t feel like I’m getting things done for myself. I’m meeting others’ expectations well, but none of mine. Every time I plan, I get overwhelmed with making decisions because I feel like I need to make the best one. I’ll implement something, and then another obstacle will pop up.

Unconsciously, I guess I’m hoping this process of growth will be easy, that transforming my life won’t feel exhausting or require a lot of mental energy. Accepting the reality of that feels so heavy.

I just want to make meaningful, consistent progress on my goals so I can know I’m doing it right. Right now, I just feel scattered and burned out with little justification, and it’s stirring up shame because I believe I should know better. This also feels like self-pity, which I realize is unhelpful. How do I dig myself out?