So I have this job at door dash.
Often, I encounter orders that disappear or the restaurant doesn’t have it or something is happening and I cannot retrieve the food from the restaurant…. And I’ll call Doordash and today for example they call the restaurant and the restaurant tells them its ready and its been ready. But its not, as I was just at the restaurant…. so I tell the door dash rep on the phone that ….. he calls them back same thing he tells me…..

I get to the restaurant – no food again, about that time the customer is now calling me ( because I can control any of this 🙄) and is irate and screaming at me…… well, I have ptsd and so my reactivity kicks up and I’m trying to swallow it…. and about to try to explain that I think its all simple and the wrong name is on the wrong bag and its right here. She reads me wrong. And starts yelling at me not to treat her people like this etc, etc.

So here I am doing this crappy job, not able to pay my bills, suffering from ptsd and trying to figure out how to pay for continued treatment and this is how every 5th order goes along with non-stop tech glitches and app issues and customers assuming the worst and yelling at me…..

I’m penalized for not delivering the order. Even I called and reported it. *I’m not paid for it even though I’ve used my resources to go to the restaurants twice, 2 people are blaming me and screaming at me…. I just go home because its all to much and I’m in a state of terror that I’ll loose my job