Dead Beat Aunts

Ok, I’ll preface this by saying I know this isn’t a “big problem” but since it’s enough to bug me- I figure I could benefit from getting coaching on this.

The last few birthdays for my children, both of my sister-in-laws didn’t wish my child happy birthday. I don’t want to have a manual for them, but it seems pretty standard and minimal expectation to just acknowledge their birthday. Family is important and I had great Aunts growing up – so I know this probably is part of the reason I notice and care when they aren’t participating in my child’s life. I know people get busy and I certainly do not expect my child(ren) to be at the top of others priority list, BUT since it has happened multiple times now with multiple children, it is safe to say it’s just lack of care versus genuine forgetfulness.

I know this model does not serve me per se, but I also don’t want to feel good about my kids having dead beat aunts. If I’m being honest, it makes me want to intentionally ignore their kids on their birthdays (I would never stoop to that low level btw! But I’m just admitting a thought). Where to go from here ?

C- no happy birthday wish from Aunt for children.
T-wow, how rude. As if it’s too much time and effort to simply call or text happy birthday.
F- hurt / annoyed
A- waste time over analyzing
R- feel negative emotion even though it does me no good.