Dealing with constant complainers

Dear Brooke,

I really feel like I am living out my dream life. I am creating what I envisage and dreaming bigger goals up. I love my kids, my work, my house, the travel I get to do, the learning I am doing, the friends on my life and the money I am earning. I have worked so hard on what goes on in my head and how I live out my life. I am so thankful for it all. I have things to work on for sure, but I feel life coaching has taken me to a new place in my life. I’m so aware of what I say and how speaking that out can bring that into reality, Law of Attraction, faith or whatever you choose to call it.

However, my siblings, parents, and in-laws are very negative about so much in their lives (when in the scheme of things, they’re well-off financially, healthy, etc). I feel very bombarded by their complaints and feel that they are attracting negativity. My sibling moved into their new house they bought this weekend and instead of feeling thankful for a house they have bought (almost entirely with cash), they are complaining about lack of sleep due to the temperature in the house, the noise from the traffic, the street lamp coming through the window, etc etc. I want to shake them and say “Do you not know you are living out your dreams, this is wonderful, and these are all problems which can be solved?” but instead I listen and suggest solutions which are ignored and more complaints brought forth.

How do you deal with people who are constantly complaining? (And yes, I realize the irony of me complaining about the complaining! I just want to shut off my ears to complaining for the sake of it, and focus on all the good I am thankful for.)