Dealing with boredom

As I have been changing my life in the last years, so much got better: I have my own business, which I really like and which fulfills me. I enjoy making more money this year than in the last years (could have something to do with joining scholars in January 😉 ), I have a partner and two kids, who I all love, have friendships and a lovely mother and brother.
Despite the fact that I like being alone, I find myself feeling bored quite often (after enjoying like 2 or 3 hours being alone). I just can’t seem to find something to do (outside my business, outside watching coaching-calls and talkshows on youtube, reading twitter, reading books), especially when my kids are away like it was the case this last week.
I enjoy singing and playing the piano, but somehow don’t do it often.
So when I feel bored, I try to stay with the feeling and process it – but it is such an old, well-known feeling for me and I envy people, who say that they are never bored.
Could you give me your thoughts on this? Thank you, I appreciate it!