Dealing with defensive/agressive behaviors and anger

Bonjour Brooke!
I’ve always struggled with anger issues, and I have been aware of it since little. Of course, it’s been a poison all this time.
Since I am on this self development journey, my awareness of me creating this behaviors and this suffering has increased, I can look backward at my behaviors, do models on them etc but STILL in the moment I found myself stuck in thought loops that are making my behavior legetimate , and sometimes my reaction in the situation is SO FAST as an automatism, I have NO TIME to analyse what’s happening. It happened to me again yesterday, as I got upset by a client who suggested that I should ask someone else advice before serving her( because I look young, but I am actually the manager) so my hurt ego answered (smiling on the outside, raging inside) that I had the skills required to giver her her medications , and afterwards I was like ” no, not again, why do I do still do that to myself….”
Is increasing my awareness the only thing that I can do? any other advices on how to disarm this latent anger ready to attack anyone for anything?
Thanks for your answer