Dealing with "down" days

I woke up feeling down. I can’t pinpoint a reason, I just feel discouraged, low energy and pessimistic.

Now that I’ve been in coaching for a while, I want to decide how to think about days like this. They’re infrequent and I’m wondering if they’re just a signal to take a break and rest. But that feeds into my down feelings. I’m not getting much done and it just feels yuck. I’m trying to decide if I want to push through and force myself to maintain high productivity or let myself take a break. I didn’t cancel any appointments, but I have taken two naps. Do I try and “coach myself out of it”?

Now that I’ve been in Scholars for a while and am in the CCP program I’m more aware, but I can’t say I’m enjoying the downtime. It just feels bad. Maybe this is part of the 50/50?