Dealing with Feelings

From the Feelings Workshop with Jamie on May 12 (which was great!), I have been giving more thought to the story I am telling myself regarding certain feelings.

Last night I had a dream that I offered on two different occasions what I thought was a very cool idea to a group of people. Both times no one had taken me up on my offer.

One definition of rejection is “the dismissing of a proposal or idea”.

I am realizing more and more that the possibility that me and my ideas will be dismissed is a big issue for me and I try to avoid it.

Will you please help me to really deal with the emotion of rejection that is deep and lurking in the background?

Do I practice feeling this emotion so that I can bring it into my consciousness to accept it and not avoid it?

And at the same time, practice the opposite which would be feelings of acceptable, approved, adequate?

Acceptable is “able to be tolerated or allowed” and approved is “officially agreed or accepted as satisfactory” and adequate is “acceptable in quality”. By definitions, these seem to imply coming from others. With those positive feelings that I want to feel instead, please expand on the idea that I am generating it from within and not setting myself up to seek it from others?

Some thoughts I can practice in order to create these desired feelings:
-I am learning to have my own back.
-I value my opinions.
-I value what I create.
-I decide and commit to believing I am good enough. I was the one who once decided I wasn’t. I now know better.
-I define me. I no longer wait for the world to do it.
-I am worthy of my own attention.
-I love me for exactly the way I am at this moment.
-I offer myself compassion, grace, encouragement, and curiosity.

What additional thoughts do you recommend that I practice so that I can change the story I am telling myself and be more on my way to meeting my impossible goals?😃

Thank you in advance for your help.