Dealing with getting old

People used to call me Mademoiselle, and now, they systematically say Madame.
I see more and more wrinkles on my face and body. When I say my age, people react by saying wow, are you this old?? I hate answering the “how old are you” question!
How could I change the story behind?
C: I am getting old
T: 1)I really can’t bear it, because time flew so fast and I still want to have a baby face, lean and young body, be attractive 2)I want to still be part of the promising statistics ( the 20-35 ). At work, I don’t want to be labeled as a senior, but rather like a promising 20 something with a bright future.
F: I am bitter everytime someone calls me Madam ( when did that happened!! I always been a “miss”!) or says wow you’re 40 and see the spectrum of outdated woman in their eyes.
A: 1)I buy more anti wrinkles cream and consider Botox
R: I am still getting old and everyday I wake up I’m obsessed with it.