Dealing with health issues in the family


I know how to deal with many situations and problems and how to redefine them, but there is one area in my life where i dint know what to do or what ti think. It is my parent’s health and my thought that i have to fix it. And at the same time thinking that i cant fix it, i am not doing enough. And how much is enough? I cannot spend all my time on it as i have my own family, work and own budiness. I am also scared that i will have to make major life changes to support my parents like moving them from another country or taking care of them.

C my mother has a serious disability and health risks. My father also has health risks. They depend on each other to support themselves in everyday activities
T i have to help them improve their health, but i dont know how (i ve tried different things), and i dont know if i am doing enough (before its too late) and if i can afford to focus on my life in the curcumstsnces
F overwhelmed, scared, anxious
A research treatment options (but nothing seems to work), speak with parents more often, can’t relax or fully focus on anything else

Could you please guide me in ways to thibk sbout it diffetently?